Chomsky’s Reality

How Anarcho-syndicalism Defines The Digital Space

Anarcho-syndicalism is the idea that workers in a capitalist society gain control over an economy and gain influence over a society. It rejects the capitalist convention of monetary value, allowing participants in said economies to influence value based on other means, redacting “wage” systems and replacing them with means of self management.

So what does this have to do with our illustrious tech industry? The long answer requires going back in time, defining milestones within the industry’s history and graphing the many movements throughout its evolution that have shaped it as we experience it today. The short answer is everything.

Speaking from the present and moving forward, it’s a safe assumption that the digital economy has evolved into an anarcho-syndicalist movement where we as a people put influence into the ether to evaluate crypto-currencies, work, and time, all within fluid solidarity. Like the ocean, each new current creates waves that ripples throughout the body, and return in organic flux within the digital world.

Stock markets, bank management, delivery systems, microeconomics, world economies, blood monies, the black market, hedge funds, shorts, tranche shifts, any and all industries and their components within that are living in tangibility are slowly disintegrating. Their influence is being overshadowed by things that were once referred to as “made up.” This movement, brought to us by the worker-bees (and their hives) that are becoming more and more dependent on this new digital economy, who’s glacial shifts are centering this ecosystem in a time-lapsed fashion — lets call it the intersystem.

Given how whole organizations are fabricated and made tangible within virtual reality creates a vacuum within the intersystem’s original format of monetization. The grandfathered systems which define value through the capitalist lense simply won’t last in this newfound world, and we can speculate that the only true and virtuous currency is knowledge. In the outside world, knowledge is fleeting, and those with means can more easily apply their knowledge in utility. The intersystem is indifferent to one’s means, and the utility of knowledge can be applied by anyone from any background, given they have access to the proper faculties.

Noam Chomsky spoke about a perfect world in which anarcho-syndicalism is adopted and practiced within reason. Where the dismantling of unjustified hierarchies is of the utmost priority. Noam Chomsky, whether he knew it or not, propagated indoctrination of these ideas memetically, and layed down the foundations of how the intersystem operates today. We the designers and the architects of humanity within the digital space are inadvertently leveraging the pillars of anarcho-syndicalism disguised as democracy. In this space, we are the value, and the shot callers within this ecosystem we’re creating.




ArtVersion is a creative agency and a collaborative team of strategists, designers and developers based in Chicago, IL. View our work at

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ArtVersion is a creative agency and a collaborative team of strategists, designers and developers based in Chicago, IL. View our work at

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